‘Electric Ecosystem’ is a book which substantiates the statement that everything in the ecosystem naturally works by means of electricity and magnetism. The electric world of bees, bacteria, cells, aquatic animals, birds, humans and the earth’s magnetic field is opened up in a factual, anecdotal manner. It is an inspiring reality that calls for contemplation and dialogue about the vulnerability and natural balance of the ecosystem, in which everything appears to be interconnected and where even the quietest frequencies can have the greatest effects.

The conventional image of the ecosystem focuses around chemical reactivity; everything seems to have a chemical reaction as its origin. For example, in washing hair, in painting a wall or taking and falling in love, everything seems to revolve around chemical reactions. But what if we hold that thought for a moment and look at the electrical properties of physical phenomena?

This book takes you on a journey of discovery through a wonderful ecosystem where bees turn out to be flying batteries, seals use radar moustaches, birds google the earth’s magnetic internet, frogs are able to float on magnetic fields, and bacteria perform magnetic division as well as cell division.

All this is not limited to nature on earth. It also extends high up, into the much larger context, where the moon feeds on electrical signals and solar impulses influence all kinds of planetary processes.

The book also fuels and deepens the discussion about the use of artificial radiation and helps it along by creating clarity about the level of impact the artificial radiation from mobile phones, transmitter masts and the like has on humans, animals and plants.

It is written in dedication towards a more healthy and safe world for future generations.

Video-presentations, lectures and workshops about the ‘Electric Ecosystem’ can be booked via this website.

Electric Bees

Bacteria 1

Bacteria 2