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Electro sensitive cows

Cows seem to know which way is north. German and Czech researchers made a review of thousands of satellite imageries of the positions of cows over the whole world. They discovered that everywhere on earth cattle seem to align themselves to the earth magnetic field in the north-south direction (Burda and Begall, 2008).

A year later, the same researchers discovered that low frequency fields, powerlines, etcetera, disrupt the magnetic alignment of cattle. Consequences? Unknown

Shock treatment against bites from wasps, snakes and scorpions

Researchers from Seattle successfully use electricity to treat bites of bees, wasps, snakes, ants and scorpions.

It seems that if the treatment is received within 15 minutes after the bite has been inflicted, then the pain stops almost immediately and no swelling will occur. If swelling has already started, then that stops and the pain soon subsides. All the treatments have been performed with 20 to 25 kV, 1 mA DC. In the research the bitten area is electrically grounded as close to the bite as possible.